Best Thomas Kinkade Framed Illuminated Canvas Prints As Heartwarming Wall Decor

“Painter of Light”, an American artist, is known all around the world because of his magnificent pieces and works of art. His paintings has always resonated with an inner glow and warmth, touch people of all faiths and bring peace and joy to their lives.

Thomas Kinkade canvas prints add instant warmth and serenity to your home.  The inspirational wall art are recreated in vivid color and illuminated by LED lights, preserving the artistic integrity of the original image in magnificent detail.

In Thomas Kinkade’s Christmas prints, the light on Christmas trees even gradually change color by color-changing fiber optic lights, which add even more realism and enchantment to the moment!

 Top Ten Thomas Kinkade Framed Illuminated Canvas Prints

Thomas Kinkade Village Christmas Canvas Print Wall Decor

Revisit the place that the artist himself has called “everyone’s dream Christmas village,” envisioned as never before in the Thomas Kinkade Village Christmas Wall Decor.

The exact sculptured village that became the centerpiece of the award-winning Village Christmas collection is reimagined in the form of a 40-inch-wide framed, genuine textured canvas print.

Featuring an abundance of hand-applied glittery snow, 12 concealed LED lights and 150 strategically placed fiber optic lights – many of which change color as they twinkle – this enchanting holiday scene glistens with the promise of the most perfect Christmas imaginable!

The windows in the inviting buildings, the snow-laden trees and the sky all illuminate, casting a magical glow over the entire scene and infusing it with the festive spirit of Christmas. This grandly sized genuine canvas print is showcased in a rich golden-edged frame with title plaque.

Plus, a convenient, built-in 24-hour timer automatically turns the lights on at the same time every night.

Thomas Kinkade Home For The Holidays Illuminated Canvas Print

A glistening layer of freshly fallen snow blankets a quaint country village as twilight fills the sky and twinkling holiday lights, candlelit homes and lampposts dot the landscape. It’s a scene that overflows with the joyous spirit of Christmas. Just such a scene comes to life as never before with the Thomas Kinkade Home for the Holidays Wall Decor

18 concealed LED lights and 125 fiber-optic lights – many of which actually change color as they twinkle – illuminate the canvas, creating an enchanting scene that glistens with the heartwarming splendor of the holiday season.

Simply flip on the switch and watch in awe as the lights on the trees, eaves of the homes and the bridge gradually change from one color to the next! Look closely, and you’ll see that hand-applied glitter lends an extra sparkle to the snow-laden village. A handsome cherry-toned frame, complete with a brass title plaque, adds an elegant finishing touch to this extra-large gallery-quality canvas.

Thomas Kinkade Light Your Way Home Illuminated Canvas Print

Thomas Kinkade’s “Beacon of Hope” remains one his most beloved lighthouse paintings, portraying a beautiful sense of calm and strength. Originally painted as a summertime setting.

Measuring an impressive 20 inches wide in its cherry-toned wooden frame, this first-ever Thomas Kinkade Light Your Way Home Wall Decor re-imagines that magnificent work as never seen before: viewed under a peaceful blanket of Christmas snowfall, surrounded by the festive lights of the season.

Finely crafted on textured canvas for the look and feel of an original painting, it features 8 concealed LED lights and over 75 strategically placed fiber optic lights that gradually change color, it lights up the night with Christmas cheer and the promise of a warm welcome home.

No detail has been overlooked, from the warmly glowing eaves, windows and door of the cottage, to the pinnacle of the lighthouse tower; even the stars above twinkle in the midnight sky. As a dazzling finishing touch, hand-applied glitter adds to the shimmer of a Christmas Eve snowfall. A golden metal title plaque adds the perfect, elegant finishing touch.

Thomas Kinkade Paris Eiffel Tower Canvas Print Wall Decor

Paris is romantically known as the City of Lights and the City of Love. Now you can view a treasure that captures the magic that is Paris with the Thomas Kinkade Paris, Eiffel Tower Wall Decor. Boasting built-in illumination, this stunning Thomas Kinkade art treasure brings his breathtaking vision of Paris to life like never before!

Mr. Kinkade’s idyllic vision comes to life on a hand-stretched genuine canvas print that is nearly 2 feet wide, finished with a golden border and canvas matting and framed in an elegant mahogany-toned wooden frame with a title plaque.

A boulevard along the Seine, a bridge across the river and the most iconic landmark in France are captured in the light-infused, impressionistic brush strokes. With the flip of a switch, the Eiffel Tower is punctuated with pinpoints of light and the street lamps all twinkle to life.

This mesmerizing illumination effect captures the shifting moods of the city that are only revealed as the light transforms from daylight to twilight to moonlight. A convenient 4-hour timer lets you control the cord-free lighting feature while helping to conserve battery life.

Thomas Kinkade A Christmas Homecoming Illuminated Musical Print

The union of cherished holiday carols, the look of falling snow and the luminescence of Thomas Kinkade’s art come together in this Thomas Kinkade A Christmas Homecoming Wall Decor that illuminates with a snowfall effect.

This merry holiday vision from the Painter of Light™ is showcased on genuine hand-stretched canvas within an elegant cherry-toned frame, and is filled with heartwarming details, including a carrot-nosed snowman greeting passersby with a smile as holiday revelers bustle on their merry way toward a warmly lit Victorian home. Even the sky, lamppost and wintry sunset glow from within for a mesmerizing scene.

Over 100 strategically-placed LED and fiber optic lights illuminate the enchanting Christmas art, making this canvas print glow with holiday spirit. Simply flip the switch, and watch the scene light up, complete with snowflakes seemingly falling from the twilight sky.

The built-in lighting system infuses the sky, Thomas Kinkade’s signature lamppost and classic Victorian home with radiance, while lights within the trees magically change color and a medley of 8 beloved holiday carols fills the air. Glitter has been hand-applied throughout the scene for extra sparkle.

Thomas Kinkade A Holiday Gathering Illuminated Canvas Print

Discover the inviting warmth and bright festivity of the Thomas Kinkade painting, “A Holiday Gathering ” in this first-ever Gallery Editions illuminated holiday canvas print.

An impressive 20 inches wide in a cherry-toned frame, this illuminated canvas print faithfully recreates Thomas Kinkade’s original “A Holiday Gathering” painting on genuine stretched canvas.

Lights up! At the flip of a switch, 8 concealed LED lights illuminate the Victorian homes from within, while lampposts and headlights shine with golden light and over 80 festive tree lights transition from one color to another. Hand-applied glitter sparkles on the snowy rooftops and streets.

Thomas Kinkade The Night Before Christmas Illuminated Canvas Print

Own a piece of Thomas Kinkade art in an all-new signature composition that will speak to you in many ways with the Thomas Kinkade The Night Before Christmas Wall Decor.

Measuring an impressive 20″ wide in its cherry-toned frame, the masterpiece features this original innovated presentation crafted on genuine, stretched artist’s canvas. At the touch of a switch, the radiance within the artwork illuminates on many levels, thanks to the wonder of 75 fiber-optic and LED lights!

There are lights behind the moon, in the snowy ground cover sprinkled with glitter, on the eaves of the gracious home and more lights that change color on the decorated trees. But the most innovative lights of all are those that are activated as Thomas Kinkade’s recorded voice narrates “The Night Before Christmas”.

Colorful scenes inside each window of the home illuminate in sequence, synchronized with the artist’s narration of the story, capped off by a light behind Santa’s sleigh that brightens as he wishes “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!” At the conclusion of the poem, all of the lights turn on. A gleaming title plaque adds the perfect finishing touch.


Thomas Kinkade Mountain Retreat Illuminated Canvas Print

This Gallery Editions market-first presentation allows you to enjoy the blushing sun rays of the Thomas Kinkade painting, “Mountain Retreat” with all the vibrancy and detail of the original artwork.

Thomas’ idyllic vision comes to life on a hand-stretched canvas print that is nearly 2 feet wide and framed in an elegant mahogany-toned wooden frame with a golden trim and title plaque. Just flip on the switch and 10 LED lights built into the custom-crafted frame cast a soft glow on the breathtaking scenery.

Thomas Kinkade Hometown Chapel Illuminated Canvas Print

This spectacular illuminated canvas print showcases a previously unpublished composition that invites the viewer to explore the verdant surroundings of a serene country church.

This beautifully framed limited-edition Gallery Editions™ wall decor features the complete original chapel art PLUS a previously unseen fountain and flower-lined path. The result is a single seamless image, handcrafted on textured genuine canvas to recreate the look and feel of an original Thomas Kinkade painting, elegantly highlighted by the custom cherry-toned frame with its golden metal plaque.

But what truly makes this edition a standout is the way the artwork is enriched by carefully concealed LED lights and bright fiber optic lights (over 40 of them!), enhancing each of the signature Thomas Kinkade gas lamps, the chapel windows, the sky, the stream and lush green grass, even the details of the flowering trees and trickling fountain. Hand-applied glitter on the path even suggests a few fallen spring blossoms.

Thomas Kinkade Victorian Christmas Illuminated Canvas Print

this stunning masterwork showcases Thomas Kinkade’s “Victorian Christmas” artwork, handcrafted on textured canvas for the look and feel of an original painting. But there’s more: with 8 concealed LED lights and over 75 strategically hand-placed fiber optic lights that gradually change color, this remarkable work of art literally glistens with the unforgettable sparkle of Christmas cheer.

Measuring an impressive 20 inches wide in its cherry-toned wooden frame, this limited-edition Thomas Kinkade canvas print sets any room aglow. The lamp posts shimmer as welcoming light spills from the windows of the stately Victorian home, the radiant hues of a wintry sunset fill the horizon, and the decorated evergreens sparkle with the colorful fiber optic lights.

As a dazzling finishing touch, hand-applied glitter brings the entire vision to sparkling life, creating the look of gently falling snow. A brass title plaque on the frame provides the perfect finishing touch to this extraordinary limited edition, proudly noting the Thomas Kinkade name and the “Victorian Christmas” title.