Hand cream with Wild Roses essential oil / Crema de manos con aceites esenciales de rosas silvestres

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The perfect hand cream in a practical tube that you can leave on your night table or toss in your handbag.

Cottage Garden Hand Cream has a wonderful texture that adds lots of moisture and fragrance to hands without being greasy. Applying the cream feels almost like putting on a small and luxurious protective glove, but it is lighter than our hand cream available in the little round tins. This Cottage Garden Hand Cream leaves a lovely feminine fragrance of wild roses on your skin.

 It contains no parabens or artificial colours.

100 ml

Cottage Garden


La crema de manos perfecta, en un envase practico y bonito, para dejarla en la mesilla de noche o en tu bolso. Tiene una textura delicada que hidrata y se absorbe perfectamente, y es como envolver las manos en unos lujosos. La fragancia a rosas silvestres es extremamente feminina y delicada.

No contiene parabenos, ni colorantes artificiales.


100 ml

Cottage Garden




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